Monday, June 8, 2009


  • Mark Levinson has a nice blog post on agile mailing lists, it's a good collection of interesting lists.
  • Started a new project and am using infinitest it's great!
    I love how hard-core it makes testing. When I suggested to a few co-workers that they install it, I started getting questions: "so how do I turn off those compilation errors it creates?" Answer: "fix the tests or turn off the plugin"
  • Kent Beck had an interesting blog post To Test or Not to Test? That's a Good Question.
    I really recommend checking out his blog, the content is great (I think I'll have to suck it up soon and try out junitmax, maybe for my next project)
  • My weekly Clojure learning sessions are still going strong, got my Programming Clojure book in the mail last week, it's nice to have a paper copy.
    We're working on putting penalties (in the form of delays) if you hit the direction keys too frequently. I finally feel like I'm getting a feel for the language.
  • and apparently Rich Hickey doesn't like testing:

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