Friday, February 6, 2009

Stack Overflow #38

There's a big old brouhaha regarding the Stack Overflow podcast #38 Joel summarizes the pod cast: He comes across as very anti-unit test, which is fairly surprising to me. I was surprised, because I feel that unit testing has only made me a better developer and allowed me to deliver higher quality software faster. Anyway I just came across Uncle Bob's response: From the comments on Object Mentor, looks Uncle Bob will be participating in a stackoverflow podcast, that should be interesting to to hear.

Another blogger I follow also posted a good response:

Anyone come across anything else interesting?


Brad said...

Did you catch this follow-up?

zdsbs said...

No I didn't, looks like Uncle Bob will be on the podcast soon. I think he made a mistake on his post, looks like it'll be #41 not #40. It should be a pretty good discussion and hopefully not a live in person flame war.

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