Sunday, December 28, 2008


wow... the moreUnit plugin for eclipse is just what I've been looking for, it's amazing. One of the more important things it does is associate Classes with Test Classes - So if you have Foo it knows that FooTest is related to it. From there it does a number of great things.

  • Handles renaming correctly - if you rename Foo to Foo2 it will automatically rename FooTest to Foo2Test. For that functionality it's worth it just to use this plugin.
  • ^J toggles between Foo and FooTest AND if FooTest doesn't exist yet, it prompts you to create it. Woo hoo! I constantly create a new class - then CRTL N to create the test, this cuts down one anoying step, pretty cool.
  • It associates method names with test method names. And does a few awesome things with that association.
    • If you have: and FooTest.testBar()
      you rename to
      it will rename your test method to FooTest.testFoo()
      it will even do multiple test methods if you had testBarA() - testBarB() - testBar*() - it will rename all of them.
    • Because it associates the methods with test methods - it can provide you with a view that shows you all the test methods your missing for a class (Emma's great, but it doesn't give you this kind of detail, you can always trick yourself into thinking you covered stuff when you haven't, this is pretty awesome, imagine failing the build if you don't have a testMethod for every method in a class, that I think would be much more valuable than failing on code coverage metrics). In this view you can also create the missing methods in you test class
    • I have a bone to pick though. In Junit4 your method names really shouldn't begin with the word test any longer, because you already have that information in the form of an annotation at the beginning of your test method - BUT for moreUnit to know that a method in a test class is associated to a method in your class under test, you need to prefix with "test"
  • Some of the documentation doesn't match up to the most recent version, but 1.2 was just released before Christmas, so I assume it will be updated at some point. For example I don't seems to be able to setup project specific settings - and really the test directory setting, doesn't appear to have any effect (It specifies the directory where you create new tests).

So I've just been playing with it for an hour or so, but this thing is great, I can't wait to start using it day to day

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