Friday, September 5, 2008

Antlr Rules Matching (or look ma no semicolons)

I'm doing a little more with Antlr these days, and I had made some assumptions that turn out not to be true. I had assumed that you would need clear terminations of rules (like new lines or semicolons or something), that rules couldn't overlap, but they can, and I believe this is related to the look ahead functionality of the antrl parser. Check it out:

grammar lookAheadTest;

prog : rule+;
rule : 'A' ':' 'A'+;

WS : (' '|'\t'|'\r'|'\n')+ {skip();}

What's really cool about this parser is that you can input to it "A:AAAAA:AA" and it can figure out to split that up into:

I thought I was going to get warnings about multiple execution paths, but I didn't! This makes it much easier to think about and write grammars. I have to assume that this is bad practice if building a medium to large language, but I'm only dealing with little languages, so I'm thinking it's okay for now

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