Saturday, August 2, 2008

mousefeed eclipse plugins

So I'm reading Neal Ford's book productive programmer, pretty good so far. Very much in the vein of the pragmatic programmer. It's full of little tools he likes. For example: two eclipse plugins from

1) Close tabs with middle click. God I've always wanted that in Eclipse ever since I discovered it in firefox.

2) Key Promoter. I don't know if I'll love or hate this yet, but anytime you do something manually that could be a shortcut key it displays a little popup telling you the shortcut key and the number of times you haven't used it (just like IntelliJ does).

oh... and I just discovered crtl-shift L which pulls up a popup of all the Keybindings for eclipse.

Okay and how about this eclipse trick from page 31:

alt-shift-L (eclipse) crtl-alt-V (IntelliJ)
then magically you get
Calendar instance = Calendar.getInstanc();

No more typing the boiler plate left hand side, just type the right hand side, that's cool!


Eric said...

The middle-click thing works in intellij too (no plugin needed), but I don't find it useful in Firefox.

Is the red X too far away? I like the mouse gesture DOWN+RIGHT to close my tabs. I can do it anywhere in the document so I don't have to go all the way up to the tab itself to close it.

zdsbs said...

So I should check out mouse gestures, but my guess is the only advantage of the middle click for firefox is that you don't need to switch to that tab to close it.

you just middle click on any tab and it closes. and yes the x is too far away, and sometimes if you're like me and have 1 million tabs open just isn't there.

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